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Surrounded by water on three sides, San Francisco

was the only California county without a coyote

population—until 2001. Coyotes can now be found

in almost every corner of the city.

This compelling and sometimes hilarious one-hour

film is a virtual case study of the coyote’s arrival

in urban America. Unfolding first in San Francisco,

it pursues the coyote story across the national

canvas—to New York City's Central Park; to Chicago, where more than 2,000 coyotes live today; and to rural California, where sheep ranchers find promise in innovative non-lethal predator control methods to protect their livestock.

We learn how coyotes impact urban and suburban

ecosystems, and how we can coexist with them

safely. And throughout, this lyrical natural history

film features beautiful, original, and entertaining

footage of coyotes and other urban wild creatures

—quail, foxes, raccoons, herons, opossums, and

escaped South American parrots—that survive

and thrive in our challenging urban habits.

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