Suburban Howls

Explore the hidden world of the Eastern Coyote! This 1-hour documentary film follows biologist Jon Way in his ground-breaking research into the personal lives of Eastern Coyotes from Cape Cod to Boston.

Tapping into Jon’s 60+ hours of field research video, recorded over more than a decade, Suburban Howls presents a unique portrait of individual coyotes’ lives, as they unfold over many years’ time. The film offers a rare and absorbing glimpse into the world of these coyotes as they negotiate the challenges of living in this densely populated corridor—including busy roads and freeways, commuter trains, and an active hunting season.

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Back From The Brink

Seeking Completion Funds

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Back From the Brink tells the unusual and uplifting tale of the Franciscan Manzanita—a plant that had been extinct in the wild for 70 years, until it was spotted growing on small freeway traffic island, at the northern edge of San Francisco.

This half-hour documentary chronicles a year in this small shrub’s extraordinary life, starting with its unlikely discovery in the middle of a billion-dollar freeway expansion project, just weeks away from breaking ground.

The film follows the fascinating, hilarious, and even poignant ballet of human efforts to save this plant—its removal from a busy midnight freeway; the development of techniques to coax plant cuttings to root; and the endeavors of many to establish a whole new population of Franciscan Manzanitas in the native landscape it once flourished for thousands of years.

In the end, Back From The Brink is a heroic tale. When called upon, so many people took the big leap, and did the right thing, for this last remaining wild plant that had somehow managed to live.

Back From The Brink

is a fiscally sponsored

project of CID,

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FILM STATUS: almost finished, seeking

completion funds.

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