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The expansive coyote and urban wildlife populations of San Francisco inspired the creation of Living World Films, a company devoted to producing and  distributing films about the natural world.

Visit our STORE, where you will find: 

    San Francisco—Still Wild At Heart — a virtual case study of the 
    coyote’s arrival on our urban doorstep, and a celebration of the urban 
    wildlife that adds such richness and surprise to our city lives. 

    American Coyote—Still Wild At Heart — a shorter film version that
    focuses only on coyotes, for use in the U.S. and Canada as a community
    wildlife education outreach tool.

Check out our CURRENT PROJECTS, for our films-in-the-works:

    Back From The Brink — about the astonishing discovery of a 
    Franciscan Manzanita—a species lost from the wild for 70 years, until it 
    was spotted growing on a traffic island in the middle of a busy freeway. 

    Suburban Howls: Tracking the Eastern Coyote — a film offering 
    a rare glimpse into the individual private lives and challenges of Eastern 
    Coyotes from Cape Cod to Boston.

To learn more about our DVDs, video projects, and production services, feel free to contact us here, at Living World Films.

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